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Date : Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Time : 7:38 PM
Title : A journey called life.

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Date :
Time : 11:40 AM
Title : 080609 <3

Heyloo! Had a great day ytd! (But I had some bad times oso O:)
Met flamers,bballers & Quenna at west mall. But is like oni flamers meeting -..-

Took mrt to cityhall. Wah,I tell you ah,I cried when I climbed the very long escalator ley!
very high! I v scared
then go buy ice-cream eat ^oo^
Haha,heard from Nana that they cannot find mcdonalds );
then set-up booth,keep playing w flamers. Play what the "zha" one O:
I keep kena,then did catwalk luhs,LOOOOL!
Sweetie !!! she damn funny laa! She knelt down,& "ahem" haha!
cannot say,later she shy ah

Haha,then played at Chouchou's booth,relay,LOL -..-
wah,I tell you ah,the convention hall is seriously v cold

Now,dinner time! YAY! Awwww,I v hungry leyy!!! GRRR!
But hor,they keep talking laa,I cannot eat,then flamers say later badminton must clap hands,
cheer loudly maa. Then I scream laa,kena scolded by "ahem" , walao,like I only one laa
thanks WanJun , muahs.
after that continued to give away gifts
wah,ps ah,idk your name huh,you keep considering that Im one of them laa! I piack you ahs!
LOL! But I shot a rubber band at him
Hahahaha! Erm,Im in-charge for giving away gifts one,not play games one :D
THEN! DISCO NIGHT! LOL! But I only play awhile nia,Lester,Wilson,Xiang they all
sweating,like what ah,wet wet one,like just came back from the rain O:
Then went home w my Chouchou !!! Solo date ho! LOL,go home oso call solo date -..-
psps ah . abit hyper hor?? ><
Then when I reached home,I bathed,and waited for 12am to reach,
just to say happy bday to daddy,its his bday! 090609,I love die daddy.
Then I went to my room "boom" I sleep liaos,v tired ahhh,like liddat,haha.

Then today ah,nothing special luhs,just rott at home,see if got go out not,later then repost hor,bye!

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Date : Sunday, June 7, 2009
Time : 3:41 PM
Title : Consequences are meant to be faced & solved.

Without you all the plants and flowers would wither.

heylooo! IMA BACK! HAHA!
ay,tmr tmr tmr! cn see Chouchou,Baobei & Sweetie!
I hope to vid-cam w Chouchou later,but I think by that time she tired alrdy );
haha,tmr tmr! Can finally get out of my house,till 10 + ley!!! WOOHOO!
LOL! I say until I dun like my house right?
haha,no luhs,I love my home laa. ^^
^o^ Im tired,bye peeps!

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